Why is Scandinavian Design so popular?


Scandinavian Design has been popular in Singapore for a couple of years now and is still one of the top interior styling trends – be it for residentials, commercials or corporates. Have you ever wondered why?

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Making use of natural materials, neutral colours and sleek clean lines, Scandinavian design offers a certain homeliness. Respect for nature is paramount, with wood, granite, leather, wool and furs used sparingly to create a lasting impact. Shapes and design of furniture and accessories are usually kept minimalistic.

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With white walls and light-coloured wood, it is no wonder this style brings light and more space as a whole, making it very popular in Singaporean homes where space is typically a constrain. This therefore makes it easier to pair it with accessories with natural shades such as black, cool grey and other lighter shades of colours ranging in pastel hues – allowing some freedom and fun.functionalityfunctionality header

The principles of Scandinavian design — prioritizing functionality without eliminating grace and beauty . It incorporates style with function, the basis of all design. By reinventing innovative ways – such as leather strap shelves and hooks, to ladder storage and systems. It is amazing how something with a very basic function can look stylish yet simple.
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Due to the variety of styles it encompasses, this makes Scandinavian Design so unique and popular. As a base, one can keep the core characteristics of Scandinavian Design such as white walls and light-coloured wood furniture and spice it up with accessories of personal interests ranging from industrial, eclectic, bohemian, minimalistic etc.

Stay tuned to our next blog post as we discover how to create a Scandinavian-Luxe interior!

– The Make Room Team