Various Christmas Table Setting Styles!


Besides a Christmas tree, the next area you can start decorating is your dining table! You’ll be surprised at the amount of attention needed on the smaller details. The best way to go about decorating is to first figure out your favourite style. Here we share with you 4 different styles you can choose from!


The best part about Christmas – the familiar red and green Christmas palette. Nothing can go wrong if you know how to cleverly combine these two colours together. Our favourite pick would be the decoration on the pendant lights. A pretty interesting way to add decor to the table without having it on the table itself.


Think simplicity, clean and light. Sometimes the best way to decorate a table is to go as simple as you can. We love the idea of a long yet slim cloth running across the table with several glass jars as well as green planters. The fun part comes in when you start filling up the glass jars. You could get white sand and set up white Christmas tree ornaments inside with the final touch of placing fairy lights across. Yes it can be that simple.


If you have a bold character and want to try something different instead of the usual traditional way, why not give this a try! Your guests will love the idea of this classy, elegant and unique look. The trick is to use the colour palette of white, black and gold. A black table cloth that covers the table entirely is the best move to set the mood first, then add accessories such as lanterns and christmas ornaments, combined with some plants and candle holders – there you have it.


We love this style the most – pastels! If your interior has more pastel tones, this super modern style wtll compliment it really well. It may just require a little more time to source for the perfect colours to match however time spent to decorate the house is always worth it,, isn’t it? ūüėČ

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-The Make Room Team