Types of Scandinavian Styles


The Scandinavian trend has been trending a lot lately in Singapore homes – but do we really know why and the beauty of it?

 The popularity of Scandinavian design can arguably be linked to the “stripping back” of homes. No longer are antiques, or country-styling the essence of a luxury home but minimal, light and sustainable interiors. This can be easily achieved by keeping the interior simple – with white walls and the idea of going natural with different wood types and textures.

However, what’s most interesting about Scandinavian Design is the variety of styles it encompasses. Below are several styles that makes Scandinavian Design very unique!TEXTscandinavian eclectic

The Eclectic-Scandinavian Style involves colours…and lots of colours. These type of colours typically are bright and bold, but if bright and bold is not your cup of tea, multiple pastels together work well too. The trick to play around with this style is to pick colorful accessories instead of colorful furniture – this allows flexibility in changing the interior without having to sacrifice too much.scandinavian eclectic shoppinjg

1. OSB Yellow Table $249

2. Pink & Blue Jute Rug $199

3.  Workshop Lamp $339

4. Geometric Cushions in Mint Green & Blue $39

5. Desk Lamp in assorted colours $139

6. I.X.X.I Wall Art in Loco Yellow $239

7. 2-tone Side Table $378TEXTscandinavian bohoHow about letting loose and mix a cool furniture pieces to give your Scandinavian interior a slight refreshing twist? This can work in two ways – either going vintage or Moroccan. Replace a  single piece of furniture with a vintage one and you’ll be surprised how that changes the entire vibe instantly. Another great option is to use loud contrasting vintage/Moroccan-inspired rugs – a smart way to instantly give the interior and edgier look.scandinavian boho shoppinjg1. HK Living Black & White Rug $520

2.  Butterfly Chair $599

3. HK Living Rattan Chair $490

4. HK Living Leather Poufs $280

5. Storbror Pink-Blue Rug $379TEXTscandinavian industrialDo you wonder how its possible to implement an industrial look with a minimalist approach? This look is largely contributed by the furniture you select. Large pieces like a tv console and coffee table can industrialize your space, while pairing up a simple dining table with metal wire chairs makes the dining area visually appealing and the highlight of the space.

scandinavian industrial shopping1. Black Wire Chair $320

2. Grey Upholstered White Wire Chair $320

3. TV Locker $999

4. Coffee Table on Wheels $840

We hope you learnt a thing or two on how to incorporate Scandinavian Design and add your own personal twist to it! Stay tuned as we look further into creating a Scandinavian-Luxe interior next!

– The Make Room Team