The Christmas Season | Alternative Christmas Trees!



Christmas trees can be pretty costly, especially when you’re living in Singapore and you don’t usually find pine or fir trees that easily. Since Christmas only comes once a year – there are many affordable ways to decorate your space without actually bursting your budget for a yearly occasion. What’s even better is the fact that it’s pretty much reusable every year, and it looks pretty cool too! Let’s introduce some ideas for a  modern-day Christmas affair.


If you’re still into the traditional Christmas tree but just want a little twist to it, this is an alternative by still wrapping Christmas garlands around poles that creates the tree structure. This is also a good idea for those who needs to save some space as you’ll be able to store your gifts right underneath the tree itself.


What about if you don’t need the tree structure but you just want an illusion of a tree? Be slightly creative by displaying garlands on an empty wall, with each garland shorter than the one below to form a shape of a tree.


This is when you take it a step further. Instead of a real tree, a recycled wooden set looks pretty great. The best part – you can use it every year. (P.S. We have these in our store! Come by and check it out!)


This is great when you have a lot of small Christmas props and picture frames but you don’t know what to do with them. Get some photo ledge from Ikea of different sizes and hang it up on your wall. Then get hanging Christmas accessories such as paper garlands and decorate it as much as you want such that it has a shape of a Christmas tree. On normal days this could just act as a feature display area.


What if… you have tons of books? We’re pretty sure there’s a handful who loves to collect books but don’t know how to creatively display them. Finish it off by wrapping fairy lights around them with a pine cone on top – this is absolutely cute.


Lights, lights, lights. They are usually the most important elements to set the mood. Did you know you can simply use lights to create an illusion of a tree? How cool is that!


If you are still into the three-dimensional trees but want an alternative, you may use card boards and create a tree using the slotting method. Here’s a pretty useful link:


Last but not least, we found these somehow being the most creative Christmas ‘tree’ as we just love the fact that it exudes what Christmas is also about. Celebrating the holidays with loved ones and putting up all these photos is a great way to walk down memory lane on this special day.

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-The Make Room Team