Styling 101: Black and white on an empty wall


Do you ever feel stuck wondering how to spruce up that bare white wall in your space? Let’s discuss the basics first and then we’ll try more creative ways, that require a little work, yet are so much worth the time and effort!



Probably the easiest way to dress up an empty white wall would be by hanging photo frames. Though it may sound easy, it does take a little work to create that perfect photo wall. An easy method would be to hang a photo ledge and add standing frames. This looks great when the frames are positioned randomly. If you prefer things floating,  here is a great guide to hang your frames in a way it will look balanced and visually appealing.



Here’s an insider’s tip: At Make Room, we use  a lot of I.X.X.I Art. These are square cards that come with connecting crosses and can be hung easily onto walls – even without drilling! They are the best alternatives to picture frames, easy to maintain and flexible. If you would like to know more about them or make an order, you can always reach us by dropping an email at and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.


mural 2

Why not take your creativity to the next level with just a simple black permanent marker or paint brush? Imagine your wall being a blank white canvas and let your imagination run free as you fill up the wall. Another method if you are afraid of making mistakes is to draw/paint with the help of a projector!


washi tape 2

Even simple lines can create a masterpiece. If you’re looking for something less permanent and more interchangeable – you can give this a try. All you need is several washi tapes to be able to complete the look. What’s even better is this project only requires probably an hour to complete!



And if you have photographs of precious memories, but you don’t know how display them – your empty white wall could also be the solution. Or perhaps even your Instagram print-outs and pages from magazines could look well together. Arrange and paste them onto the wall with washi tape – another great idea that doesn’t require much time and effort.

We hope you found this article useful and do tag us on Instagram or Facebook with #makeroomsingapore if you managed to give some of our tips and ideas a try! We look forward to seeing some creative ways you design your space and it may even be featured by us! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.

-The Make Room team