Luxury touch to Scandinavian Sensibilities


Very common now that people want to create a piece of heaven in their very own space. It’s about having that space that makes you feel rejuvenated, it’s about taking a vacation in your own bathroom, bringing a little bit of the hotel chic to your bedroom, crafting that indoor oasis, it’s the small details that make the everyday feel a little more special.

Scandinavian as a design philosophy is still very relevant as people move away from cold, hard interiors to one that gives them a warm fuzzy feeling that is geared towards having more natural elements, texture and a play on colours. Hence Scandinavian-Luxe is all about muted elegance – think light shades of dusty pink, to seafoam green paired with very neutral foundations like linens, off-whites, matte finishes.

Here, are a few tips and tricks personally shared by our own Make Room Stylists to create the look.


MUTED COLOURSYou can either keep it minimal with white and grey undertones, but in Make Room we like to make things fun & exciting. We love colours. Though we would typically love it bold & bright, for this style we would rather keep the colours more muted to blend nicely with the furniture and accessories instead of making a statement out of it.


PICTURE TEMPLATEClean lines promotes simplicity, and simplicity is one of the key elements to a luxurious-looking space. This tip can particularly come in handy during furniture and accessories selection. The right furniture & accessories results in a entirely crisp and sleek sophistication. Clean lines doesn’t necessarily means straight, it means sticking to simpler shapes like square, circle, oval, hexagonal etc., without any patterns or irregular lines especially for furniture.


velvetWhen it comes to upholstery, think fabric. Fabric gives softness to a space. Just like how hotel rooms have that luxurious comfort factor which makes  leaving so difficult – it is the result of all the right combination of textures and fabrics. We recommend trying Velvet, a rich material which instantly gives that glam factor to a space with its soft touch, deep colours and amazing undertone. Keep it a balance by mixing different kinds of fabric which looks visually appealing together.


marbleWe all know that marble is…expensive. Seeming the fact that it is expensive, any interior with marble enhances the quality of a space, that is if  you style it right. We would recommend marble perhaps on a table or a counter top – even on accessories but not on something permanent like floors or on walls. Reason being marble on larger surface area instantly weighs down a space making it look heavy, whereas the Scandinavian style is all about airy and breathable space.


brass copper goldThe cherry on top – adding little bits and pieces of metallic elements helps to spruce up that luxe factor. Like the saying, “It’s the small matters that counts,” adding metallic elements is a huge instant upgrade. From lighting, accessories and even furniture with a hint of metallic elements seems minor but necessary to complete the Scandinavian-luxe look.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our insights – here’s a little more inspiration on furniture & accessories to glam your space from our Make Room Store!

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Happy shopping!

– The Make Room team