A DIY project for a kids room.


The great thing about decorating your kid’s room – it is all about adding a little fun to the space with a boost of creativity. In this article – we will show you different easy D-I-Y projects to give your child’s room a little more character and personality in a very affordable way.

wall project-1

One of the quickest ways to decorate a space, is to start with the walls. You can start simple by painting one wall a different colour or try something a lot more creative, which to us – is the better option. Create shapes, play with different colours, types of paint and techniques. You could even pick up a permanent marker and draw on walls! Let these walls be the canvas you’ve always wanted explore when you were a kid. Remember this golden rule: Nothing is wrong. Be creative!


Kids love secret nooks – that little corner of the room they can cuddle into when they feel like reading a book, taking a nap or just to relax. It is not too difficult to create this secret nook for your child. A D-I-Y tepee is one of many cool and simple ideas to create a comfy corner (a step by step guide can be easily found on the internet). Another option is to create a flowy hanging canopy. Add some cushions and plush toys to make the area look cozy and there…. you have created your kid’s very own secret nook.


Aah…. plush toys. Some people can never get enough of them. As parents we often prefer to hide all the toys to keep the room neat by chucking them all in the wardrobe. But really, its a kid’s room after all. Having toys lingering around (but neatly organized) can be a great way to add a fun element to a room. One of the simplest ways is to hang a net from the ceiling. Just throw in your stuffed animals and you have created a creative plushie display.


A hanging mobile is a flexible way to inject some personality into the space. There are many different elements you can hang. If your kid loves aeroplanes – you may find a couple of toy aeroplanes and use these as hanging elements. Or an even more affordable way? Paper aeroplanes! There really is no limit in the number of ways to create a fun mobile for your kids room.

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-The Make Room Team