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With all the beautiful blooms this time of the year, it’s a great time to take advantage of these botanical blessings to decorate the home. The variety of flowers and ways to display them seem endless – how can you possibly decide? Take a good survey of your home. Take into account the decor, colour schemes, natural light, and possible display surfaces. From there you can play around with your floral arrangements to best enhance your home.


Floral wallpaper is a great and fast way to instantly transform a space. This also acts as a great feature wall – but becareful to keep your furniture and accessories minimal so as to not clutter the space and avoid it from looking messy. Pick up accessories that compliments the colours on the wallpaper each time making sure that the colour does not overpower the wallpaper itself.


We’ll share you a little secret to the best platform for colour coordinating – Design Seeds. When in doubt in terms of colours, Design Seeds is your best friend. It provides an inspiration palette for colours and hues that blends well together. You can even search for your favourite blooms and pick up colour paint codes that compliment each other from there! How simple and easy can things get?



Soft furnishings are a great medium for florals and botanicals. Think cushions, rugs or even a customized head board for that special touch of nature that comes with maximum impact.

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In our Make Room Store, we also provide some floral prints and accessories that could go well with your space! Check out our online store or give us a visit – you are always welcomed to ask for advises on your space!

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1. Tropical Cushion $49

2. Black & White Leaves Cushion $49

3. Ishara Denim Blue Cushion $89

4. Jute Braided Rug $179


floral wood tile


As seen, we added a pop of fun to our store counter by installing printed wooden tiles on the side surface! This immediately transforms our store giving a hip and retro vibe to it! Talk to us if you’re interested to know how we installed it!

dried flowers

A great way to incorporate real flowers is to simply have them pressed in frames,  hang them on a wall as a main feature and it will look effortlessly beautiful. Set aside some free time for this quick D-I-Y project and head down to Ikea to get affordable frames! Or not,  shop online  or visit our store to purchase the glass with copper frames! There are also affordable florists within walking distance from our store!


 IXXI‘s modular system, made of durable, waterproof and sunproof synthetic paper squares provides a unique form of wall art, perfect for the Singapore tropical climate. It’s a real guarantee of happiness for your home. These IXXIs’ are a great way to add some florals to your space – and we have even used them in several of our client’s spaces and they loved it! You can find them in our store for floral prints and we also have other cool prints too have a look here!

We hope you found this article useful and do tag us on Instagram or Facebook with #floralswithmakeroom if you managed to give some of our tips and ideas a try! We look forward to seeing some of your creative ways you design your space and it may even be featured by us! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.

-The Make Room team