Creating White Interiors


02fUNCTIONMinimalism is more than just an aesthetic – it’s a philosophy and a lifestyle.  White Interiors  adopts the minimalist style which requires deep thought into the composition and purpose of each space. Therefore the best start to adopting this style is to plan each space to a function so as to not overly clutter a space.


PROPORTIONPlay of proportion is important in any space, and especially more important with white walls. This gives the space a visual balance, and does not make it seem too bare. We love the idea of pendant lamps as it always makes the space look pulled together, perhaps even a tall vase with flowers or even a tall cabinet can do the trick.


NATURAL ELEMENTSNatural elements like a wooden dining table, or a stone planter is a great feature to white walls.  With a palette limited to white and a few touches of muted accent color, the natural elements take center stage, yet all the white keeps the overall vibe contemporary.


TEXTURETexture is an element that no room is complete with. These are the things that make a room feel cozy, that make it feel complete. They provide the eye with something interesting to look at. Without enough textured elements, a space can feel cold and sterile. Velvet dining chairs, textured rugs and fabric cushions are just ways to complete a space with texture.

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-The Make Room team