Black & White Colonial Living


These colonial black and white bungalows are predominant with the use of dark timbre beams, white-washed walls, louvered windows and are typically located right in the heart of lush greenery. Because these bungalows are influenced by tropical architecture – there is no better way than to stylize it according to its nature – tropical design.




Sticking close to the original colour palette of the bungalow and its surrounding – it is best to keep things minimal, by using colours that compliments with black, white, green and brown.



Tropical lifestyle fully embraces nature and that  includes natural textures which gives off a laidback and relaxed vibe – creating a seamless relation to the architecture of the building. This could include linen fabric, sea grass, jute, rattan and the list goes on. What’s even more fascinating is how creative you can explore with it from furniture to lights, rugs, blinds etc.


exotic wood 2

We would recommend furniture pieces that are made of real, solid wood more than anything else to exude elegance and sophistication. This would include teak, oak and mahagony. Add a little fun by playing with different wood types so as to avoid a monotony. Our favourite go-to for beautiful wooden furniture pieces would be Originals, as they carry an amazing collection of vintage-looking furniture pieces that would look perfect in any black and white colonial home.


tropical plants 2

The biggest advantage would be the vast amount of space – either indoors or outdoors, and sometimes the best solution to negative spaces would be as simple as a grand piece of vase and a pretty decent-sized indoor plant to balance out the amount of brown hues from the furniture  and accessories.

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