Stylish playrooms for kids

For this styling project, the client wanted to surprise her kids with a total makeover of their respective bedrooms and playroom. For the playroom, the brief was to make it playful, but at the same time inviting for the kids to boost their creativity. We came up with the idea of a house on the wall made out of wallpaper, combined with different visual ways to display their artwork, such as a window sill where the kids can place pencils in pots. In front of the house, we placed a working table for the children. In a corner of the room, we created a little cosy reading area with a bookshelf on the wall, complemented with a rug and floor cushions. For the little girl, we designed and built a fun market stand in her room for play and to store all her toys in a neat, presentable way. We chose a girlish colour scheme for her, applying a combination of mint green for a feature wall, with pink and white accessories and some pops of yellow. We also added some animal stickers on the wall for a whimsical touch. For the boy’s room, we went for an industrial style combined with military/army elements. We sourced a few statement pieces that suited the style, such as a wardrobe, a display piece for his Lego and a pendant lamp. We painted one feature wall in blue and added some army stickers. To achieve the ‘’army’’ aesthetics, we searched and found some original vintage army treasures like a helmet, drinking bottle canteen, and a small lamp.