Soft and Moody Scandinavian-Eclectic in the East

A 4-room HDB apartment designed and built from scratch, the young working couple wanted a space that steered away from the modern look but to have a design that is almost a mishmash of styles. The male client being industrial-design trained appreciates the use of raw materials such as metals, concrete and recycled wood; which gave rise to some industrial elements around the house. However, they also wanted a look that ages well, thus decided to complement the look by curating and dressing it up with furniture, furnishings and accessories that are more plush and luxe in look and feel.


Layering soft moody hues of green and blue, with natural woods and earthy tones, the kitchen, dining and living space is visually open and seamlessly connected. The bathrooms are designed with practicality in mind, while the study and bedroom is kept clean and personal.