A Turn-Key Concept

We were given a brief by a Lawyer Firm to style up an empty apartment to be rented out – all within a week with a fixed budget. Just like Interior Styling, there is no need for renovation making it hassle-free. We painted walls, brought in furnishes and added our own touch of styling into the space to make it complete. How exactly does it work and how different is it from Interior Styling?

A Turn-Key Concept is mostly suitable for Commercials and Showrooms. The main catch is the quick handover rate, which takes within 1-2 weeks. This includes an initial discussion of the layout and requirements of the apartment/space, and overview of the overall style. The next meeting will consist of confirming the larger pieces of furniture to ensure that we pick the right pieces. And for the final step – we take matters into our own hands. This refers to managing handyman works to paint walls, hang art works etc., and also a curation of our own expertise on furnishings such as rugs, cushions and accessories. We also zoom down to the finest details of getting basic home appliances and homeware.

If you have an enquiry, do drop us an email at hello@make-room.net!