4 Tips on Styling a Floral-themed Wedding


Since the start of August we are on the topic of flowers, the occasion that we most definitely use them a lot would be for a wedding! Below are 4 tips in which you can decorate your wedding with an awesome floral arrangement.

archs Wedding ArchWe love how wedding arches can be so simple, yet elegant at the same time. It really only requires perhaps a draping fabric with floral and plant arrangements to make it look complete. This can also be a great idea as a photo booth backdrop for guests to snap a photo!

aisleWedding AisleWe love these floral garland ideas that we found from Pinterest. Aligning along the aisle gives a central focus to the arch immediately, or in case you are afraid that guests might step on them, there are also other cool ideas of draping floral garlands from chair to chair.

Floral Decor on Furnishings 2Floral Decor on FurnishingsWe really do believe that flowers alone can make a wedding look grand without the need to splurge too much. By keeping everything clean and white, this allows the flowers to really pop, making the  arrangements the main feature of the wedding decoration.

table arrangement2Trending Table ArrangementsThe trend used to be large and tall vases as the main centrepiece of a table, but it does seem like less is more in the recent days as minimalism is a growing trend.  We love the idea of short vases with a timeless selection of florals, this of which makes it a more relaxed setting for guests to dine in.

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-The Make Room team